See Something, Say Something

Last year my district put together the “See Something, Say Something” program designed to help students speak up! Here is a little peek into the program and how it works.

Monthly focus

See Something, Say Something is a comprehensive school counseling initiative that teaches students that if they see something or experience something that makes them feel uncomfortable, they need to say something to an adult that they trust. 

The program empowers students to trust their gut, and if they see something, say something!

Here are a few things I am doing.

1. Posters in a visible area.

Each month I print out a poster of the tips to display in a common area. I created these in Canva and you can grab a copy below.

2. Highlight the tips on the school news.

3. Share the tips with parents in newsletters and on our social media pages.

4. Provide resources for teachers and parents to continue the discussion in their classrooms and homes.

5. Incorporate the tips in my class lessons and school-wide programming.

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see something, say something

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