2022-2023 Curriculum Map Example

Not sure where to start this year? Here is a guide to get you started.

The school-wide curriculum map is based on the needs of my school, personal experience, and the developmental levels of my students. Use this map as a guide, but remember you should provide services that reflect the needs of your school.

If there is a link it is a resource I use to provide this service, guide the lesson, etc. I also use support from many amazing counselors, including; The Responsive Counselor, Music City Counselor, WholeHearted School Counseling, Counselor Chelsey, Mindful Counselor Molly, and more.

It includes sample ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors that are covered each month.

More about the curriculum map:

PAWS lessons (Pawsitively Awesome and Wonderful Students) are mini lessons that I share with teachers to show to students before or after their counseling class. It serves as a refresher or introduction. I often record myself teaching these lessons using Apps such as Loom or Screencastify.

The caregiver and teacher support are provided in many different formats including presentations, handouts, emails, consultations, etc.

Mindful workshops can be provided to students during the day. When I offer a workshop I open it up to any student in certain grades. For example, I may host a workshop on Monday for any student in 4th grade during recess and on Thursday for any student in 5th during lunch. You can also make them stations at a parent night.

Get a copy of your curriculum map here:

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