Book Review- 15 min. series: Self Harm

Getting to review a friend’s book is pretty cool, but when that book is incredible it’s awesome! Seriously, you know it’s great when it’s covered in post it notes. 

The “15-Minute Focus: Self-Harm and Self Injury” book by @leighbagwell is great for new counselors and veterans. So many of our students already struggle with depression and anxiety, and this year has certainly been a stressful one for all of us. This book equips school counselors, psychologists, and social workers with the tools they need to help students.  

I found it to be not only a great refresher of information I had gained and researched in grad school, but also packed full of new facts and stats. Swipe to see some of my takeaways. 

What I loved: 

  • The easy to refer to chart of replacement strategies 
  • The sample school response protocol flow chart 
  • The questions to consider for personal and school wide reflection 
  • The tips for parent notification

My takeaways:

Learn more:

Visit NCYI to learn more:

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