Book Review and Giveaway- 15 Min Series: Behavioral and Threat Assessment

Another great summer PD read! While our county has a procedure and online threat assessment form, I was so excited to read this book because threat assessments are such a complicated issue at times. 

This book is great not just for counselors, but also administrators, district level teams, SRO’s, and school boards. It has tons of relevant and timely information packed into one short and easy to read resource. I would recommend this book for a summer book study for all educational leaders and school boards. 

This guide goes into the 8 Steps of establishing a quality BTAM process (a system used by the Secret Service!). It looks at threat assessments through an educational MTSS lens and that of a law enforcement side- a marriage of two agencies. 

I found so many parts of this book relevant, so it’s important for schools at every grade level. High school counselors you will find this book very helpful! 

What I loved: 

  • It broke down common biases and gave thoughtful reminders on how biases may impact this process 
  • A gentle reminder that it’s easy to become desensitized when we have done multiple assessments on our frequent fliers 
  • The TOADS and JACA acronym for facilitating conversation with students 
  • The tips and case studies about this multi-method, multi- source, trauma- informed, comprehensive data driven approach 
  • The graphics that help bring the words to life and the pintables which are great to share with school and county wide teams at a glance. 
You know it’s good when it’s covered in Post It notes!

My takeaways:

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