The perfect book to partner with memory boxes

I love making memory boxes with my students. It’s such an interactive, experiential activity to do.

I also love that they can take it with them and continue the grief process with a safe adult at home.

I love combining this activity with the book Remembering Grandpa by Uma Krishnaswami.

download (4)

In the story, Daysha’s grandma is feeling sad after the loss of her husband. Daysha sets out to cheer her grandma up.

Along her journey, she remembers her grandfather and gathers items from places where they shared special moments. At the end of her journey, she presents her items to her grandmother, who finds comfort in the memories.

Remembering Grandpa is a wonderful way to introduce the concept of a memory box.

Need more books to introduce memory boxes or talk about the grief of losing a grandparent? Check out these wonderful titles.




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