New School Year, New Website

Welcome to my new website. This past year has been a whirlwind:

Changes, so many many changes!

Meet the world’s best boyfriend  √

me and coyne

Enlarge the dog pack to 3  √

bru st pattys
Meet Brutus!
brooklyn st pattys
Brooklyn (the original OG)
boss st pattys
Boss (my H.A.B.I.T therapy dog)

Create a new blog/website and collaborate with the world’s best √


Take on new challenges √

goat yoga
Goat yoga anyone?


me and the girls
My besties, the world’s greatest librarians, have inspired me to go back to school.

Accomplish my professional goals √

counselor of year
State School Counselors of the Year

But some things never change! I’m still a crazy dog mom, I  still own too many giant mugs, I still watch too much tv, I still can’t keep my allergies in check, I still can’t ride a bike, I’m still obsessed with “Gilmore Girls,” I still believe in wine as self care, I still have an odd love and obsession with pineapples, and I still insist on taking hundreds of dogs pictures a day.


I’m excited for all the new adventures and I’m excited to have you come along for the ride.

Yay for new!

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