BOOK REVIEW- “Calling The Wind”

When I get a package from Trudy Ludwig, it brings an instant smile to my face. This particular package also warmed my heart and brought a tear to my eye. Her collaboration with the exceptional Kathryn Otoshi (you know her from “One” and “Zero”) is breathtaking.

“Calling the Wind” is a beautiful book on the grief journey.

The words are limited and intentional and the illustrations speak for themselves. This story takes us not only through the stages of grief but also through the seasons. I often talk to students about change being natural and make comparisons to the seasons, and this book truly brings this concept to life.

The illustrations of the many feelings associated with grief are sure to draw your students in and help them make personal connections. It all culminates with the idea of hope- hope for the future.

This book will be a counselor must-have for grief groups, so check it out today!

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