How To Crack Your Peanut Review

One of the most important ways we can teach students emotional regulation is by helping students understand the science of what’s happening to their bodies and brains. That’s where Allison Edwards comes in.

Her new book “How To Crack Your Peanut: Solving The Mystery Of Why You Sometimes Lose Your Mind!” teaches students about their brain in an approachable and developmentally appropriate way.

You know I love to include books in all my class lessons and small group sessions, but I haven’t found many that introduce the brain.

If you haven’t read her book “Flooded” you are going to want to, because this book also introduces the idea that our brain gets overwhelmed or flooded.

Diego, our main character, learns important coping tools: breathing, muscle relaxation, and imagining a safe place. I use these tools all the time with my students so I know they will relate. It also helps to read about someone else doing these techniques, because it normalizes these skills which in turn encourages students to do them.

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