15 minutes to boost your sessions!


Grief leaf activity from the book. Talk a mindful walk and gather your leaves, then ask students to write down all their feelings on each leaf. Allison’s book has some great processing questions.

Do you have an intern or practicum student next year? Then add this book to your list! Looking for a quick summer read that refreshes and inspires? Add this to your Amazon cart now.

“15- minute: Counseling Techniques That Work What You Didn’t Learn In Grad School” by Allison Edwards, LPC is such a fantastic book for all school counselors, school psychologists, and social workers.

Her ideas like the worry jar and brain plate are regular activities in my small groups and work with individuals. We do square breathing school-wide on the news and she is the reason I buy easter eggs on clearance each year.

What I love about this book was it reminded me of powerful activities I haven’t done in a while and need to add back into my routine. Like the “grief leaf” which would be so easy to add on after we do some mindful walking.

It’s also FULL of debriefing and processing questions. It’s so perfectly scripted that I recommend this book for any new counselor, counselor educator, or intern.

This is a book that should be on your shelf and ready to grab. It will add interactive tools to your program that are sure to be a hit.

Visit @nationalcenterforyouthissues to get your copy today.

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