Supporting Students With To Go Bags

Grief Support Bags

Last year I started take home grief bags and they were a huge success.

These bags are easy for kids to carry home or for guardians to “grab and go.” Thanks to a donations and some thrifty shopping, I created 8 bags to get us started.  The idea is that families could check out resources just like they would check out a library book for use at home.

I sent an email to parents and teachers about this resources and checked them about based on the referrals that came in.

Anxiety, Stress and Mindfulness Support Bags

I knew I wanted to continue this successful project, but wasn’t sure how. Then with so many students being virtual this year and standardized state testing coming up I decided to create take home bags focused on mindfulness and coping.

What is in each bag?

Each bag contains:

  • Book(s)- I picked mine up at a local used book store
  • Journal – Oriental Trading
  • Pencil and Eraser- Target Dollar Spot
  • Crayons- donation- I include some color pages and coloring activities from Canva
  • Pipe cleaner- craft store- to bend into how you are feeling or for a fidget
  • Balloons and bag of beans- Dollar Store- to create a stress ball
  • Pack of antibacterial wipes- donation
  • Bubble wrap- I save mine every time I order a package- for stress relief
  • Stress ball- I collect them when I go to conferences
  • Playdough- donation- I included a playdough activity from Counselor Keri
  • Paper- donation- for journaling – I included journal prompts as well
  • Sanford Harmony Card Set- I had extra
  • Family test anxiety activity set- grab your copy here
  • Tissues- donation
  • Paper plate and directions on activity from Canva
  • Pinwheel- Oriental Trading- for pinwheel breathing

I also included a folder with resources for parents and students.

The supports I put in the folder included:

Download your copies of materials here:

One side has printables students can keep and the other is information about the bag and a survey for parents.

Summer Support Bags

These bags are designed to be checked out and not returned. They are fun bags that students can use over the summer to promote mindfulness and fun! These to-go kits are perfect as you end a small group or say good bye to students you’ve worked with all year.

Here’s what’s inside:

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2 thoughts on “Supporting Students With To Go Bags

  1. Gwendolyn Furano says:

    I love this idea. The grief bag is great as well. I am thinking….what other topics, could be covered and sent home to assist families in this way?


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