“I Can Say No”- Book Review

Check out this new MUST HAVE book for school counselors and social workers! It’s a great way to help students set boundaries, tackle Erin’s law, and stand up for themselves in a respectful way. I love it so much I created a companion activity to go with it!

Brooklyn is feeling empowered to say NO and a little bashful after reading this new book by Jenny Simmons! She can’t get over how cute the dog in the book is and mom can’t get over how powerful the story is. We are giving “I Can Say No” two paws up.

“I Can Say No” empowers kids to find their super strength and say “No!” Whether it’s someone who is invading their space or standing up to peer pressure, this book empowers kids to say “No.”

Here’s what I love about this book:

*the diversity in the illustrations and characters

* it’s honesty- it’s not easy to say no, it takes practice, and sometimes you may disappoint others

* the MANY relatable scenarios

* the discussion of using “No” to combat negative self-talk

* the important distinction that you never use the word “No” to be disrespectful

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