The Weird Series: Lessons in point of view, anger and standing up to bullying behavior.

The “Weird Series” provides an amazing way to look at 3 points of view through 3 amazing books about a bully, bystander, and a target. Here is how I break this book series into three lessons on point of view and bullying.

Lesson 1: Point of View

I get students excited about point of view with a Flocabulary and then we looked at some optical illusions to share what we saw. Next, we talked about how we each see the world differently.

First, I showed the students the cover of all 3 books and asked them to make observations about each. I then read the back cover and we discussed how each book was told from a different perspective. This lead to a short discussion on point of view which included them making educated guesses on which book was told from what point of view.

After reading the story we used my brochure to talk about what point of view this story was told from and make personal connections.

Lesson 2: I – Messages

In lesson 2 we do a quick review of our first story. As we read we stop on the page where Louisa feels like she has no words.

Using a post it note, bubble cut out from the Dollar Tree, or a hand out (differentiated for grade and class) we help Louisa find her voice.

I introduce the idea of an I-message with examples and a video if time allows. This is the perfect opportunity to talk about things that she could say that would make the situation better or worse.

After reading we make personal connections using a Venn diagram to compare ourselves and a character in the book. You can also have them do a Venn diagram of the 2 characters we have met so far.

Lesson 3: Exploring anger

In our last lesson we discuss anger cues and triggers. We talk about how anger is different for everyone and how our bodies respond.

After reading “Tough” we discuss how the main character used acting “tough” as a way to copy. It’s fun to do a pro/con list of this “strategy” because they quickly see that acting tough isn’t helpful.

This is the perfect place to introduce healthy coping strategies and mindful moments.

Read more about using the “Weird Series” at the Confident Counselors Blog.

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