Books on being Bossy!

Don’t Be A Bossy Bear- Books To Address Bossy Behavior

“Bossy Bear” by D. Horvath

This book makes me smile because my dog is Boss and I often call him Bossy Bear. When reading this story I stop at the “oh” page. I used to always fear not reading an entire book, but through a lot of encouragement through my librarian friends I have embraced the idea of not reading the entire book.

So after stopping on this page we discussed what he might be thinking. If the author had added a thought bubble, what would it say? You could give students a page or paper with a thought bubble and have them write it down if you want.

“That’s NOT how you do it!” by A. Hofmann

Children's Books About Being Bossy

This book is perfect for those students who know exactly what to do and the right way to do it! A wonderful way to talk about being flexible.

“Rules Of The Playground” by J. Kuefler

This sweet book is really excites the Brit in me. Can there be one ruler of the playground? This books is great to talk about bossiness, inclusion, social skills, and qualities of a good leader. Heads up some of the metaphors and symbolism may go over the heads of some of your younger students, so you may need to do some background knowledge teaching and scaffolding.

Here are some other books you might like to use:

Follow up videos:

Bossy Frog:

This is a very cute video with a very bossy sister bear:

Practical practice:

Follow it up with giving a direction for example- passing the crayons, and have students act it out in a bossy or non bossy way!

What would you do to address bossiness?

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