Sophie Can!

Molly Bang is at it again.

I’m sure most of you have seen “When Sophie Get’s Angry: Really Really Angry”

and I  “When Sophie’s Feelings Get Really, Really Hurt” 

but have you seen “When Sophie Thinks She Can’t….”

What a wonderful way to introduce mindset and perseverance.

Here are some of my ideas for using the book:
  1. Read as part of a small group.
  2. Have students create a coping plan for tough days.
  3. Have students practice having a growth mindset with this Saving Sam lesson.
  4. Do an author study. Read more about Molly here.
  5. Combine with a “power of yet” activity and bulletin board, like this FREEBIE from Lone Star Classroom. 
  6. Partner with your favorite perseverance game like the Target dollar spot ring toss or create your own ring toss.
  7. ) Partner with a video on mindset:

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