Tour My Canvas Course

Are you using Canvas this year? I am and I’m still trying to figure it all out. Here is what I created for my virtual learners.

There are so truly amazing educators out there and my course couldn’t have been built without them. I’ve tried to link to all the originals or where you can purchase the tools I used, but please leave a comment if I missed you so I can give proper credit.

Embedding Google Slides/Classrooms I have found is the easiest and most user friendly for my age group, but check out my tips before you design your own.

Let the tour begin!

Home Screen

I used Canva to make buttons for all of my resources and for each grade level.

Each “button” takes you to a grade specific interactive page.

Buttons on home screen and sample of where it takes you.

Class pages for each grade level:

Canvas classroom
Click on image to take you to interactive PDF with links

Peace Corner

Click on the image to take you to the PDF

Here is a peace corner to get you started:
In mine, I actually embedded videos in the slides instead of youtube links, but I purchased them so I can’t share. I used these videos from The Responsive Counselor:

Canvas Modules

Although my lessons are linked through the grade level page, I added modules with mini lessons for in between class times.

Click here to make a view the mini lessons.

The “Be A Hero Lessons” are from Lisa King.

The Nest:

The NEST is for “Needs Extra Sensory Time.” It’s a virtual version of the movement and calm room I created at school. The idea is that the students who utilize those resources at home and use this online version.

The Tools are the videos from the Responsive Counselor and the music is a Spotify Play List.

The reflect is a check in form I created for data collection.

I will work with teachers to “assign” this module to specific students as a Tier 2 virtual strategy.

Teams Expectations

Helpful Resources:

Canvas community help:

Canva has a educator program you can register for:

Here is a guide you can share with parents about google platforms.*PXJS3FUvKf5yiWX5-asUKA#

This is a link to the teacher version.

Virtual rewards:

Online etiquette and class rule sheets:

Video chat expectations:

Here’s a digital behavior think sheet for 3-5:

Video on how to create a bitmoji.  Here is the link to the video.

Heather Alexander how to videos, free resources, and tips:

Remove background in your pictures:

This website goes over virtual apps, what they are, how to use them, and is super user friendly!

Video of when you are embedding youtube videos into canvas pages that you can disable the videos at the end of your video!

This has great, free social stories regarding Covid,  reopening, and personal safety!

Pear Deck Digital Safety:

Looking for more resources? I’d suggest following:

First Grade Creative


Facebook groups:

Canvas for elementary:

Quaver SEL for educators:

Bitmoji craze for educators:

Teachers using Canvas:

4 thoughts on “Tour My Canvas Course

  1. Amanda says:

    I tried to watch your video tour but there was no sound 😦 We are using Canvas and I am just getting started. I was excited to see this post!


  2. Andrea says:

    Fantastic resources! Thank you so much for sharing. I saw you have caregiver and teacher referral pages and I love that idea. Is that something you would be comfortable sharing?


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