5 Uses for the Target “Guess Who” sheets

Have you seen the “Guess Who” sheets in the #targetdollarsptot?



The first time I saw them I immediately thought that’s a cute icebreaker for classroom teachers and walked away.  Then I saw a math teacher on IG using them to guess numbers and I had an “ah-ha” moment. Here are my 5 ideas for use and 2 tips to making it happen:

  1.  Guess Who Teacher-

Last year for career and college week we did a “mystery teacher” challenge on the morning news. Each morning I would read some fun facts about a teacher and their college and careers. Then the next day we would share who the mystery teacher was. There were no prizes or rewards for guessing, it was just for fun! The kids talked about it for weeks and I promised to do it again.


Using these cards we can post the mystery teacher on a bulletin board with just the hints and then add the teacher picture after students guess. We can also incorporate the “guess who” cards into our college board we did with resources from the Music City School Counselor. You can see the full bulletin board on my Instagram.

 2. Guess Who Story Character-

I love reading books and what a fun way for kids to reflect on the books we have read this year or as a teaser about a character they are about to meet.


 3. Guess Who University-

Similar to the guess who teacher, you can use this for your college and career week. Idea: put up the “Guess Who” card on a board and leave post it notes for students/classes to write their guess and post next to a “guess who” card. Then announce the answer by putting up a pendant next to the correlating “guess who” card.


 4. Guess Who Legend-

Sharing with students role models is just one strategy to encourage a growth mindset. According to Edutopia, inclusive role models and and quotes can boost students’ sense of belonging.” You can read more here.

Consider using the “guess who” cards to share facts about a role model and make one of the hints a famous quote. I also love including a “famous person guessing game” in my lessons, like this one. You could put the “guess who” card on the board and have students write their guesses next to it.  Use these as a hook to get student’s excited about the lesson!


5. Guess Who Career

Use these cards to have students guess the job. For example:

1) I have to research, design, plan, and  perform a variety of duties.

2) My work may include waste treatment, site remediation, or pollution control technology.

3) I make an average of  $87,620/yr

4) You need a bachelor’s degree for this job.

5) I often do some traveling to collaborate with scientists and experts in law or business.

Answer: Environmental Engineer

Tip: Share your “Guess Who” on Social Media-

You could even post a card it to your department’s social media account and have students comment or tweet in with their guess.


Tip: Pair with the dry erase paper holders as well.


Well I can reuse cards year after year without having to hope that Target brings them back.

I don’t have to laminate!

The holders can easily be hung up.

Students can write their answers in the extra space.


How would you use these #targetdollarspot cards?

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