Book to support students who need help managing their anger.


9780545143158_p0_v1_s600x595.jpgDo you have students who roar and stomp all about, just like the dinosaurs? Then this is a great book into introduce a lesson on appropriate calming skills.

Activity: I’m in love with Sparkling In Second Grades freebie activity sheet. Do you use the Incredible 5 point scale? Check out this dinosaur themed scale. 



THE SNURTCH by Sean Ferrell 

working through the challenges of yucky feelings and behaviours / the snurtch / sean ferrell and charles santoso“From the team behind I Don’t Like Koala, this clever picture book takes a discerning look at the challenges of behaving and controlling your emotions—especially when your own personal monster keeps getting in the way.”- Good

Read more about this book from a parent here.

Activity:  Have students draw their own “Snurtch.” Then practice some calming skills by setting up stations, such as: drawing/journaling, bubble blowing, play dough, make your own slime, or reading a joke book. Counselor Keri has some great tips on stations/centers and Counseling With Pizazz has some games for self regulation.


What are You So Grumpy About?It’s so easy to be grumpy, especially if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Grumpiness can take over your body, mind and day. I love that this book ends with the character getting to laugh at his own bad mood.

Activity: The author set up this amazing activity guide with tons of ideas. There is this FREEBIE reading response here.



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