Books about Family Dynamics

Unique Family Dynamics

Many of our students come from a unique family situation. Here are some wonderful books to help our students celebrate their unique family.

AND TANGO MAKES THREE by Justin Richardson

117997This family is special because there are two dads and one baby, but also because they are adorable penguins.

Activity:  Garden Pea Designs has this family types activity. 


The Family BookTodd Parr always creates exciting and vibrant books and this is no exception. It’s the perfect way to introduce all types of families.

Activities: Crafty Bell Counselor has this All About My Family packet.


Families, Families, Families!This book celebrates all the special people that make up our families. Whether it be mom or dad or Great Aunt Sue- family is whose special to you

Activities: Have students draw a picture or create a sand tray about their own family.

I Am A Wolf by K. Miller

Sometimes we aren’t sure where we fit in. Sometimes we are scared to fit into our families. I am a wolf is a funny picture book that how we can use our fears to push others away.

Activity:  Have students create feelings masks to share how they are feeling.

Excellent Ed by S. McAnulty

download (7)

This family dog will do anything to prove he is “excellent” enough to fit in! A great book to talk about adoption.

Activity: Have your student draw a picture of what makes them excellent.

Macy The Lonely Pitbull Finds A Home b. Jageman

download (8)

Based on a true story this sweet book is a non threatening way to discussing adoption.

Activity: Learn more about Macy here.

Two Ways Home: A Foster Care Journey by M. Rhines

download (9)

This easy to read picture book is wonderful for talking about all the feelings that come along the journey of being in foster care.

Activity: Play a feelings match game and as the student makes a match have them tell you a time they felt that way.

Murphy’s Three Homes: A Story for Children in Foster Care by Jan Levinson Gilman

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After moving so many times Murphy doesn’t feel so lucky or like a good dog anymore. A gentle way to approach a hard topic!

Activity: Great book for students to use a dollhouse and use play therapy to share how they are feeling.

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