A sample of books used to support character education.


Howard-B.-Wigglebottom-on-Yes-or-NoHOWARD B. WIGGLEBOTTOM ON YES OR NO: A FABLE ABOUT TRUST by Howard Binkow and Taillefer Long 

One of the best things about Howard B. Wigglebottom is that thanks to you can get the animated book, lesson, and more all in one place. Howard B. Wigglebottom is a silly bunny who is always up to something. Before watching the stories, I have my students wiggle their bottoms and get their energy out. This is perfect for grades K-1.


download (3)Inspired by a 300-year-old Ukrainian story, this book cover so many topics: friendship, honesty, trust, gossip, rumors, equality, etc. It’s truly a must have in every counselors office. The story takes place in Hapyville- I tell you this first because for 10 years I read it as “Happyville” until a student corrected me. In this small town is Mr. Peabody, a teacher and the coach of the local team. One day one of the player sees Mr. Peobody taking an apple and assumes the worst. Soon gossip about Mr. Peabody has spread around town and the townspeople aren’t as friendly to him. I love the visual of the feathers in this book to represent gossip and rumors.

Activity:  This book lends it’s self to a great discussion. I created these discussion cards  and activity packet you can use to get students talking using Kagan’s Quiz Quiz Trade.  Follow it up with a community building activity. My favorite are from Miss 5th! 

I also like to pair it with these videos:


The Secrete Olivia Told MeWhat older elementary and middle school friendship hasn’t been subject to the trails and tribulations of gossip? This book is perfect for those cases. It’s no surprise this book received a Coretta Scott King Book Honor. The secret is represented by a red balloon that continues to get bigger as the book progresses. The simple illustration creates a perfect analogy for rumors and gossip.

Activity: Blow up a balloon as you read to give students a visual representation of the secret or play a game of telephone!

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