A sample of books to use with individual students, small groups, and in class lessons to support positive growth mindset and perseverance.



Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 5.52.50 PM.pngThis book is just perfect for helping students change their mindset. The book, inspired by actual events, takes situations that could make you grumpy or sad and reframes it into a positive way. There are tons of patterns in this book- I always get my students full attention when I tell them there is a hidden rainbow in the book. (Answer: It’s the color of the pages.)

Activity: Have students create their own reframing balloons. On one side they finish the prompt “It’s tough…” and on the back they finish the prompt “but it will..” You can use my activity packet for this activity and more.


THE KOALA WHO COULD by Rachel Bright


This is one of my favorite books about facing a change. Kevin the Koala learns that sometimes things change, even when you don’t want them to, something I think resonates with many students.
Activity: As you read ask students wrote down examples of a negative or fixed mindset. You can use blank post it notes or Counselor Keri has an awesome resource for this lesson.
Next check out these great videos on Class Dojo.
If time allows put students into groups and ask each group had to change at least 4 fixed mindset statements (those they wrote as they read or before reading) into positive mindset statements. I made it a relay race and as teams finished they either got supplies for the Marshmallow Challenge or the paper for the Class Dojo challenge.



Check out the new Molly Bang book on the Scholastic Preview!
Activity: Combine with a “power of yet” activity and bulletin board, like this FREEBIE from Lone Star Classroom. Get students moving, by partnering with your favorite perseverance game like the Target dollar spot ring toss or create your own ring toss.
Get younger students excited by showing this video before or after reading:
You could also work with your school librarian or classroom teacher to do an author study. Read more about Molly here.

AFTER THE FALL by Dan Santat

More than just a play on the adorable classic, Humpty Dumptythis book thoughtfully speaks to getting up after a “fall” or trauma and facing your fears. I love the “hatch” ending, which inspires students to embrace what’s next.

Activity: Pair with your favorite team activity like the marshmallow tower challenge or marshmallow sculpture game.

Need more?

Find more books here: https://www.goodreads.com/PawsitiveSchoolCounseling

See my personal list of books I own with categories and links to activities here. To Edit Click File  and “Make a copy”!

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