BOOK REVIEW- “Deployment: One of Our Pieces Is Missing.”

Having a family member who is deployed can be very hard on many of our students. It brings up a mix of emotions and there aren’t a lot of books on the subject. That is why Julia Cook’s “Deployment: One of Our Pieces Is Missing” book is so useful.

There are many things to really enjoy about this book, including that it’s written in an approachable way that will elicit a great conversation from the student you are reading it with. It has so many talking points, including:

  • The positives of having a family member in one of the branches
  • The sadness of seeing that loved one deploy
  • The change in roles while that loved one is away
  • The mixed emotions of having that person leave, be gone, and return
  • The change in family dynamics when that loved one returns
  • The changing feelings/behavior of that loved one once they return
  • How change can help us grow

This book also includes some wonderful tips on supporting students, which you can share with caregivers and teachers.

This book is honest, engaging, and needed! Get your copy here.

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