BOOK REVIEW- Beat, Beat, Thump

When teaching self-regulation, it’s important to talk about body cues and signals that help students recognize when they are starting to get dysregulated. From sweating to an increased heartbeat, realizing we are beginning to become deregulated is the first step in understanding what to do next.

That’s why I am really enjoying “Beat, Beat, Thump” by Allison Edwards.

In the story, Alex notices his heartbeat increase as he worries, does things he doesn’t want to do, or encounters friendship problems. He also notices that he can calm his heartbeat with his breath and helpful thinking.

It not only helps students identify this important body cue but empowers them that they are in control and can cope.

This book is a great addition to your lessons and small groups on self-regulation, CBT, and coping skills.

Win a copy for yourself by heading over to my IG and looking for the picture below.

picture books for kids

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