“Captain Snout and The Super Power Questions” Book Review

Metacognition and distorted thinking patterns are powerful yet big ideas for our littles!

That’s where “Captain Snout and the Super Power Questions” comes in. Captain Snout, the adorable anteater, meets a group of kids that are having an unsuccessful car wash. Their feelings of disappointment take over and lead to some very unhelpful feelings.

Captain Snout helps them exchange their automatic negative thoughts (their ANTS) into more helpful and realistic thoughts.

I love the depiction of the different types of distorted thinking patterns. The story introduces many ANTS including:

*The all or nothing ant

*The Just The Bad Ant

*The Fortune Tell Ant

*The Mindreader Ant

*The Blaming Ant

What’s even better, is that it walks students through challenging thoughts that help put perspective in place. It’s the perfect guide to help them safely challenge their thoughts.

We give this book two paws up.

Partner this activity with my CBT activity set to really explore the connection between our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

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