“Grief: Processing and Recovery” book review

This book is great for educators, specifically administrators, system-wide leaders, school counselors, psychologists, and social workers.

It is full of facts about how children of all ages cope, common myths, tips on what to say and not say, how to respond to a death by suicide, a discussion guide for teachers, small group suggestions with a session by session guide, and lots more.

When tragedy occurs, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and at a loss for resources. Having this book on the bookshelf would bring a sense of comfort and help any school leader feel more confident in knowing how to respond.

It is a great overall book to help parents, teachers, and all educators what the process of grief and recovery looks like. This book is designed to give you a better understanding of the grief process and grief’s impact on the school community through research and data.

I think most counselors would find the talking tips for your teachers, parents, and classrooms most helpful.

It also provides a general small group guide, I think it’s a perfect partner to my Dog Gone Grief Small Group Curriculum and Grief Support Bags on the Go.

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